our story

once upon a time, there was a girl named laura. she was short, but not too short. she had blonde hair, but it was not naturally blonde. her eyes were blue and her ears were tiny.

laura moved to boston after graduating from college in 2001. many things happened. she rode the subway a lot. she met some great friends. she also met her future husband, who bore (and still bears) a striking resemblance to a baby panda. she was an idealist. (she still is.) she volunteered for all sorts of fun things in all sorts of places, including the finish line of the 2002 boston marathon. it was a fascinating day, full of sweat and tears and aluminum capes. laura, like many other marathon spectators, went home that afternoon and went jogging. she was inspired.

however, nothing would come of this inspiration. until something really weird and not that wonderful happened. one month before her 26th birthday, laura was diagnosed with diabetes. she had no clue what that meant, but didn’t think it would be too big of a deal. she was wrong. it was a very big deal. (it still is.)

laura spent the next two years coming to terms with this new reality of insulin, carbohydrates, and finger pricks. days of shots, low blood sugars, and then a new insulin pump. nights of high blood sugars, some tears, some frustration, but eventually mostly acceptance.

while all this was happening, laura started pumping iron. just kidding. really, she just went to the gym a lot. it helped with blood sugar and that was pretty great. it helped with anxiety, and that was pretty great, too. suddenly, laura was buff! (okay, that’s a lie. laura looked basically the same as she had looked since grade seven.) but suddenly, exercise became very important… so she decided to leave the safety of the gym and try running outside a little bit.

it was not fun. it was actually pretty painful. but it was strangely fulfilling. and so laura then became the owner of the world’s largest saucony running shoe collection. (this is also a lie. but she has many many pairs of sneakers.) she ran races, and liked it! then a half marathon! and another! and another! by this point, laura’s thighs were quite muscular and it was pretty difficult to put on her favorite jeans. but she decided that she didn’t care.

she decided she was going to run the boston marathon. and, in case it’s still a mystery, this blog is going to follow that hopefully enchanted journey. oh, and it will talk about some of her other favorite things along the way, like books (even twilight), food (even doughnuts), and people (like that dear baby panda).

one more thing—don’t worry. she will not talk about herself in the third person anymore.


6 thoughts on “our story

  1. helen

    until you write a post about your love for me, i will have to be satisfied by your link to my favorite thing besides our SISTERHOOD, gofugyourself.


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