knowing me, knowing you (uh huh)

so i asked my dear friend erin (who is ALSO running the marathon) to help me get this blog rolling by putting on her little reporter’s hat. she has come up with some probing (i hate that word) questions that i will now attempt to answer.

what is your favorite children’s book?

how uncanny that you asked this question! it’s like you know me or something. i love books, especially children’s books. in fact, i am currently getting my master’s degree in library science at simmons college so that someday, i can become a children’s librarian!

unfortunately for this question, my favorite book changes each day. but never fear! i plan to end each blog post with a tiny book recommendation and review… and since we’re here, i’ll just go ahead and give you my children’s book recommendation of the moment:

beezus and ramona, by beverly cleary: lollipop dragons! taking the first bite out of 900 apples! delicious birthday cakes! gosh, i love this book– a story of sisters that we’ll never outgrow.

the greatest vegetable?

if you had asked me last week, i would have said bok choy. then i ate it for lunch every day for a week and it became very slimey and non-hospitable. so. that’s off the list. i therefore choose spinach. or brussel sprouts.

which sesame street song/sketch is the best?

obvi, ladybug’s picnic.  mom used to sing this to me on the seesaw when i was three.  it was magical.

cake or pie?

neither! erin, you know that loaves of delicious BREAD are my achilles heel! what kind of an interview is this?

what sports do you play?

softball, flag football, nintendo wii tennis, dr. mario (i will whoop anyone who challenges me to this game).  as you’ve surmised, i also do a lot of  running (aka jogging aka staggering). i am hopeless at soccer, although many people think that i play because i sometimes wear adidas shorts.

favorite monster?

my first nightmare was about countie from sesame street.  i still get anxious when i think about him.  therfore, it’s not him. but  i have always liked this sandwich dinosaur.  

look at his little hands!  it’s like he’s trying to cast some sort of sandwich spell!

mustaches – what is your take?

the most admirable piece of facial hair, as long as they are used in jest.

what was your best run ever?

i would have to say that the best run ever was the hyannis half marathon last february. beforehand, i’d convinced myself that i was going to stink it up.  plus, i was really surly and my blood sugar was like 5 million beforehand because i wasn’t sure how many carbs i should have prior to the run.  (this anxiety-ridden situation will be the subject of many future posts.)  but then the run itself was splendid!  the miles just kept ticking off with minimal pain, my blood sugar hovered around 120 the whole time, i beat my time from my previous half marathon, and i didn’t die (the criteria i use to judge all runs)… so yay for you, hyannis half marathon!  the best lintzy run of all!

worst run ever?

as all runners know, the worst runs are the ones that happen on an upset tummy.  the stomach grumblings, the cold sweats– well, i won’t get any more graphic than that.  but the run that i’m thinking of strangely did NOT involve any stomach issues.  instead it involved a baby panda’s lack of sidewalk knowledge.  

one day last july, erin and i were looking for a 10-mile running route.  the baby panda (aka eric aka the bp) suggested a journey through lovely belmont, ma, home to rolling hills, sprawling mansions, and (unbeknownst to the bp) NO M-EFFING SIDEWALKS.  away erin and i ran, clouded with delusions of a grand run dotted with rolling hills, singing birds, and maybe some faeries.  and happily, this was basically the state of affairs until we actually made it to belmont.  suddenly, there was no more road.  instead, we merely had a gravelly path to follow– and no street signs.  all i had was a tiny map with some vague notes on it, and that was not a help.  then i twisted my ankle.  things were getting ugly.

after what seemed like many miles, but was probably about four minutes, we found a friendly cop to ask for directions.  she laughed at us when i showed her the route the bp had plotted.  this was not a good omen.

so on we ran.  things got so bad that erin, an avid hater of all things clif bar related, actually ingested some of the shot blocks (aka vom on the carp, to quote my pal nq) that i had been carrying in my fanny pack.  (yes, i said fanny pack.  stop laughing at me.)  

and then.  out of nowhere.  we were confronted with the largest hill i have ever seen in my LIFE.  taller even than the swiss alps that i know so well because i have seen the sound of music like 34 times.  taller than pikes peak which may or may not be the tallest peak in the contiguous united states, but i can’t remember for sure.  and, yes, bp, i am talking to you– it had NO SIDEWALKS.  and worse yet, laughy mc laugherson (aka the copper) had informed us that the street would be heavily traveled by oodles belmont parents due to a swim meet.  

so up the mountain we chugged, jumping in and out of the traffic caused by crazed swimming enthusiasts, fearing for our lives whilst gasping for breath.  it was hell on earth, and we came very close to speeding cars and meeting an untimely demise.  

honestly, i don’t remember much about the rest of that run.  except for when we were done, i am pretty sure that i shook my fist VERY menacingly at the poor poor oblivious baby panda.  he hasn’t really planned too many runs for us since then.

what is your “competition” dish?

chocolate chip cookies… i have some really good secrets!

you can’t live without…

talking to my sister helen katherine root on the phone at least once every day.  i love her to bits.  i think that helen root and grandma root are the most saintly people i have ever and will ever meet.  if you haven’t met them, you should.  this will be a topic for future posts.

favorite luxury?

getting my eyebrows did.

food you eat alone?

back in the day, it was fig newtons.  now, i have taken to a strange concoction of steel cut oatmeal with soy sauce and scallions, brainchild of my favorite food guy, mark bittman!  most people shudder when i mention this, but it’s actually pretty good– tastes like sticky rice.

if you were given a pony, what would you name it?

pony #1: buttercup

pony #2: gloria

what movie could you watch over and over?

baby boom!  i love when she chokes on that piece of bread in the store and then buys all that kerosene!

and on that note, dear readers, i must bid you goodbye.  goodbye, mrs. gloop.  adieu.  aufwiedersehen.  gesundheit.  farewell.


8 thoughts on “knowing me, knowing you (uh huh)

  1. theredmenaceeats

    You know, I hadn’t even CONSIDERED the sandwich dinosaur when I asked that question. We share the same worst run, though you forgot to add that it was about 1,000 degrees out. Which made it super fun. Oh wait, I mean horrible.

    Also, Baby Boom? It’s like I don’t even know you. 🙂

    Great post, Nands!

  2. jw_elise

    I followed this link from Erin…and had to share that I love savory steel cut oats too! I like Trader Joe’s Salsa Authentica and cheese in mine (and yes, most people look at me like I have 6 heads when I mention that), but will be trying the soy sauce and scallions now too. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Tyrone

    I got the t-shirt of the sandwich monster for my boo! Thanks for not going into too much detail with the sbarroing, and yes, your chocolate chip cookies are no joke. I believe I ate perhaps a bakers dozen on our way to Keuka!

  4. Jenniforo

    I would be remiss to not include a few additional clarifying points:

    1. Cake or Pie? BREAD also = Donuts

    2. What Sports Do You Play? the best part about your adidas shorts is that they are approximately 3 sizes too large for you and are from circa 1995.

    3. Competition Dish? i sure hope you are better at cookie-making these days than when you were 11, i still have the Canavy post card that you sent me where you drew your golf-ball-sized chocolate-chip cookies – i believe it was too much flour

  5. aunt eileen

    OK, Laura, I am a HUGE fan of Helen (and Grandma Root!), but I have to call you on calling Helen “saintly”. She is Hellion Helen, and she is WAY too young to be saddled with saintly. You can be forgiven by dint of being a loving older sister, which makes everything alright…. now, as for Grandma Root as saintly… you’ll get no argument on that one!

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