choo choo

one of the most unexpectedly joyful things about our wedding was the dj who randomly showed up. he was not supposed to be there. nope, the baby panda toiled long and hard to find a good spinderella who promised that he and only he would be there on our big day. but in a strange turn of events (which apparently tend to happen on or near your wedding day– there’s a story about a broken toof that is now almost funny and maybe someday i’ll even feel okay if you ask me about it in person), a man who was clearly not our dj showed up with a boombox and no knowledge of any songs that we’d asked for. but apparently, what he did bring with him were some mad dj skillz. the day is hazy (a combination of joy and labbatt blue, i think), but i do remember him shouting something to the effect of, “this is how we party in vegas all night long!” (in response, i quietly thought “meh?”.) i also remember that about midway through the night, i was leading a conga line, accompanied by the quad city dj’s ever-awesome come on ride the train. if you know me AT ALL, you know that i am not exactly the type of person to go around leading conga lines… but there you are.

in a weird way, that’s kind of how i feel about training for the marathon so far. (HA! you didn’t think you’d be reading about running! hurray for extended introductions and odd transitions!) much like leading a conga line, running is not something that i would have thought would suit me. i am neither lean nor fast. my legs are the opposite of long. in my life, i have been called stumpy about 905 times more than i’ve been called gangly. (ahem, i have never ONCE been called gangly.) but i keep going. JUST LIKE I KEPT THE CONGA LINE GOING! (i am clearly not stretching at all to make this simile work.)

so far, our training has been pretty simple. this saturday, our long run will be 6 miles. not even a quarter yet of the 26.2 that i have thought about every day for the past two months, and that i’ll continue fixating on until april 19. during the week, we’ve been doing between 2 and 3 miles. these short runs suit me really well… this is the first time in over a year that my legs have felt really RESTED and pain-free. running buddy erin and the baby panda are the main recipients of my daily pain-free gloats, and they both remind me that it’s only going to get harder. (practicality is a trait that i look for in husbands and friends… it offsets my sense of whimsy very well.)

in that vein, i remind myself that in one month, we’ll be running ten miles, which is my turning-point distance. anything under ten miles, i usually feel okay about. but once you hit those double digits, that’s when you know you’re on a long freaking run. that’s when the idea of a water stop sounds really appealing, and that’s also when i need to start being really aware of my blood sugar. (fingers crossed, i am working with the joslin diabetes clinic and medtronic diabetes to be approved for a– bugle noise herecontinuous blood glucose monitor! this will hopefully really help me on my long runs, so please shoot any good diabetes vibes toward blue cross blue shield on my behalf.)

weekday runs continue to be quick jaunts home from work, accompanied by my little green backpack, stuffed with my essentials. (the whole run home is 5.1 miles, but i have lately been just running two or three miles, and then catching the bus home, at the risk of being called a quitter by the boofer busdriver. not a lie.) every other weekend, i do my long runs with my boston marathon team, which consists of the boston partners in education runners, as well as runners from four other non-profit organizations. we are led by the peerless coach rick muhr, who is both fiesty and fast.

on weekends when i am not running with the team, i have been running with the lovely and steadfast erin. and last week, i got to run with my amazing sister-in-law, sarah! we had a nice run through picturesque spencerport, new york. the only downside was a few wrong turns that we had to offset by running through people’s lawns. we thankfully mostly avoided the bb gun shots (those things hurt) that peppered us on our SECOND dash across someone’s lawn. (just kidding. that didn’t happen. just kidding, it did. sarah and i run at the speed of light and laugh in the face of danger. just kidding. i was trying to make the story sound more exciting and besides, bb guns make me nervous.)

so that’s my training so far. i am feeling optimistic right now (i know! i know! it’s only going to get harder!) about both my training and my fundraising. (thanks and kudos to all those who have donated! not real kudos bars. i am not sure if they even make those anymore.) not so optimistic about my winter running suit. i think that i look like a freakazoid in tights. freakazoid is a word i haven’t used in 16 years, but i think it’s the best descriptor in this instance.

today’s book review:

fun home: a family tragicomic, by alison bechdel

my first graphic novel, and what a great way to get acquainted with this genre. unique and poignant. not exactly fun, though.


13 thoughts on “choo choo

  1. helen

    YESSSS for fun home and YESSSSS for kudos bars (which i know for a FACT are still in production, because i ate one the last time i was at deepa’s parents’ house. awesome fact about going over to deepa’s house growing up — roz and prem ALWAYS bought kudos bars.)

  2. theredmenaceeats

    To be fair, I only keep reminding about the harder because at times you seem weary of the short runs, as if you are about to be CRUSHED by ENNUI. I am simply reminding you of the blessing that a 2 miler can be. Also reminding myself – 2 is barely time to warm up!

    Also, hooray for Fun Home! Though, as you point out, it is not exactly fun, it IS an amazing book.

    Finally, I was just telling your DJ woes LAST NIGHT to Elise and the Goog, who are marrying next October. Thank goodness it all worked out!

    1. rootlaura Post author

      and i so appreciate these reminders– i am like a pony in the starting gates sometimes. i am trying to lay off right now in hopes of getting rid of a nasty cold and cough… DECEMBER. almost as bad as STEVE. STEEEVE.

  3. Tyrone

    Your DJ = AMAZING. My primary memory of your wedding was watching grown men play air guitar to Bon Jovi. I believe there is a lot of documented evidence. And I second Helen’s Kudos shout out. Chocolate peanut butter is obvi the best. It’s like a chocolate peanut butter twix, only really, really good for you, because it’s granola.

    1. rootlaura Post author

      tyrone, you always type such witty comments! and you don’t even have opposable thumbs! i agree– granola is always good for you. that is why i ate vats of it yesterday.

    1. rootlaura Post author

      i think that i actually originally wrote this review BEFORE i made you read this book, and yet, it applies directly to your experience– eeeeeerie!

      1. theredmenaceeats

        I take this to mean Madge has read the book. I hope that we can all gather soon and discuss!

  4. Sarah

    we very well may have been the target for a young child with a red ryder bb gun…but we scampered like bunnies through the lawn…only to find there was not a canal path on that side of the canal…who knew? training will have its rough spots but know that when you get to your double digit runs you feel like you have accomplished something great! you are amazing laura and you have the right mindset for training for a marathon! remember “the miracle isn’t that i finished. the miracle is i had the courage to start.” john bingham

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  6. gramp

    Loolie — I have been in a funk for some time now,can not sleep, depressed, and a whole mess of old folks shit. ( I am not good at ##@%&&X%$) I like the real thing. After reading your post I find I passed down my love and practice of BULLSHIT to my grand daughter, you may be better at it than I am. Alas I have done some lasting good in my life. Keep up the BS.
    love you gramp


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