over thanksgiving, the bp’s wonderful mom, barb (aka my mother-in-law), served us some delicious punkin cake. but alas, she did not have enough forks! so she gave me this tiny pickle fork:

barb was apologetic, but eric’s equally wonderful older sister thea (aka my sister-in-law and mom to the cutest and smartest baby ever born) immediately said, “don’t worry, mom! laura loves anything that’s cute and tiny!”

truer words do not exist. and in honor of thea and her soothsaying, i’d like to post two tiny bits of information:

1. i have officially been approved for a continuous glucose monitor! i am 100% covered by blue cross blue shield (i knew my wonky blood sugar would eventually lead to something good), and it shipped yesterday! i should have the cgm by tuesday, which means that i am one step closer to becoming a robot. next year’s halloween costume will definitely involve a red dress and pinafore.

2. another long run with my team is in the books. the freakazoid in tights (me) completed a six-miler at a much quicker pace than usual. hootie hoo!

book recommendation for a tiny person:

bread and jam for frances, by russell hoban, pictures by lillian hoban.

my all-time favorite picture book… i wish i had little salt and pepper shakers that i could pack in my lunchbox. that frances was so lucky!


3 thoughts on “tiny

  1. theredmenaceeats

    Yeeeeeeaaaahhhh, CGM! I can’t believe you’re going to beat me to becoming a cyborg. When oh when will I have laser eyes?

    The pickle fork IS cute. Besides, tiny fork = longer lasting cake!

  2. helen

    yeah baby baby re: cgm!!!!

    also, becoming robotized means it is even MORE necessary for you to start watching 30 rock so you can enjoy all of tracy’s jokes about rosie from the jetsons!!! (and by all of his jokes about her, i mean the 1 he told)

  3. Jenniforo

    bread and jam for frances is one of johnson’s favorite books! though i think he enjoyed the book on tape version even more. his favorite part of the book/tape: “u is for un-der-wear, down in the dry-er!” say this to him at christmas – 5 clams says he still burst into a fit of giggles.


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