thank you for being a friend.

when we were little, i hated when my mom would leave us with a babysitter for the evening. HATED.  i loved her too much, and i missed her too much, and why would she want to leave such adorable babies like helen and me?  (except maybe for the time helen stuffed a hotdog in our new couch, or the time that i cut all of barbie’s and the cabbage patch kids’ hair off, and then unsuccessfully tried to lie about it.  those might have been times when you wanted some space.)

but sometimes she had to go, and so, on those times, she called our next door neighbor, the all-powerful jenny, to keep an eye on us.  and if you know helen and me as adults, you won’t have such a hard time believing that we were generally pretty docile charges.  i don’t recall any madcap hilarity or hijinx while jenny was at the helm of 34 marlborough road.  in fact, mainly, i recall watching a lot of television.  i guess that this isn’t really THAT remarkable, because i have always, as you know, watched a lot of television.  but there was one show that i always remember watching (and loving).  and it’s a pretty perfect one to showcase here on the eve of the 114th boston marathon®.  it is, of course, this show:

because tomorrow is going to be a great day.  but in the midst of all this greatness, i don’t want to forget the most important thing of all, which is to say thank you.

thank you, baby panda, for putting up with me more than anyone else for the past four months.  thanks for doing all the grocery shopping, cooking, and thinking, so i could focus on this.  thank you for picking me up and dropping me off, all with a little panda smile, and no complaints.  thank you for cooking me brussel sprouts and eggs and worrying about my blood sugar and whether or not i should run with a raincoat.  oh, and always suggesting that i drink my water.  you’ll get embarrassed if i say anything else mushy, so i’ll stop.  i am very lucky to have you in my life.

thank you, mom and dad, for calling me every day and listening to me yammer on and on.  mom, thanks for teaching me that nice girls finish first (and don’t swear ever).  and dad, thanks for teaching me to make the play, then cry.  thanks for being proud of me.

thank you, helen katherine, for being the best sister and friend and cheerleader i could have.  i don’t know what i did to deserve such love, but LADY, you are the light of my life.

thank you, nandi.  teammate forever, and friend forever.  thanks for being weird with me.

thank you, kelly s.  you are an incredible runner, and an incredible new friend.  thanks for being as competitive as i am.  and i will crush you when we play dr. mario.

thanks to lisa and jess and all the rest of team boston partners.  i have been on many a team throughout the years, but this team is simply the best.

thanks, all you roots, taillies, and lintzes!  i am so lucky to have so many loving families.  and a special thanks to sarah lintz.  honestly, i am not sure if i would have even started this crazy trek without you cheering me on every step of the way.

thanks to all of my friends who have called, asked, and listened.  thanks for understanding that this has made me a little bit crazy and a lot busy, and still being my friend.

thanks to everyone who donated to this quest.  your support means the world to me, and i’ll remember this for the rest of my life.  (not in a scary mafia way, in an inspired and loving way.)

and many many thanks to anyone who has read this blog.  i have loved writing it, and this lintzy is not going to stop being so loose (hmm, that doesn’t sound very good) anytime soon.  the marathon may be over tomorrow (hopefully), but i don’t plan on quitting this blog project anytime soon.

and now it’s time to go.  my number is pinned on my shirt.  my fanny pack is full.  i am ready.

right on hereford, left on boylston.  omg.  it’s here.


3 thoughts on “thank you for being a friend.

  1. Meghan

    Yes! My pasta party tonight was on the corner of Hereford and Boylston, and I couldn’t help but stare out the windows a little! You will totally rock it, see you tomorrow!

  2. thea

    well i am very proud of you laura…it is going to be so fun to “watch” you tomorrow. our cow bells will be ringing here loud and clear for you! it is going to be a wonderful journey for you!

    i knew that my brother married one cool chick…

    happy running and happy day to you!!!

    love you…

  3. EBrasser

    I have checked the Boston weather report and it looks like you will have perfect running weather tomorrow. You are ready. This is your time.
    Today the Marathon; tomorrow the Ironman (or whatever)

    When I watch the news segments covering the race, i will be looking for YOU!


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