lintzy, unleashed.

so i guess it really happened!  lengthy lengthy post (hopefully with some spectator comments) to come.

many thanks to everyone: those i saw (most AMAZING cheering section ever!  with lobster balloons– we have named him layfayette (nee wally)), those i didn’t see (i wasn’t wearing my specs!), those i ran with (kelly– start to finish, i could NOT have made it without you), my team (especially my nandi), and everyone who followed me, texted me, emailed me.  it brings tears to my eyes.

in short, this was one of the most amazing days of my life.  grandma howard, this was for you.


7 thoughts on “lintzy, unleashed.

  1. helen

    you are AMAZING MY LADYYYYYYY!!!!! for all those who weren’t there to see it — picture it — coolidge corner, 22 miles in. laura bounds up on her loyal spectators, and has the energy not only to be running at a ridiculously fast pace, but to HUG EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US [even the drunk kids next to us who i bribed into cheering for laura]!!! amazingness!!!!!

  2. Stickles

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! And, wow, you are SPEEDY!! I can’t even run *a* mile at that pace, let alone many. I can’t wait to hear the full recap– spare no detail!!


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