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omg omg station eleven omg


my thoughts, in haiku form:

omg you guys

yikes!  piranha flu

’tis no picnic


seriously, i have not loved a book like this since… well.  it’s been a long @$$ time.  i mean, i know, what was i expecting?  everyone tole me to read this and i resisted and resisted because KING BABY you know.  but then i sat down on my recent solo trip to north  carolina (take your shirt off, spin it round your head like a helicopter) and could not stop!  perspective shifts, time jumping, and scary eerie religious cults!  dogs named luli (my OWN childhood nickname, IMAGINE!) and SO.MUCH.MORE!  if you haven’t read it yet– GO TO YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY AND PICK UP YOUR FREAKING COPY.  i just returned mine in newark, for example.  SO COME TO NEWARK AND TAKE MY COPY!