about moi

i’ve had this blog for a while.  sometimes i am more consistent at updating than others.  sometimes i am more interesting than others.  but here’s the basic 411:

my name is laura.  i think that my husband bears an uncanny resemblance to a baby panda.  i have coaxed all family and friends to refer to him as the BP.  one year, i gave up asking for a pet pony for lent.  i would like to be a spokesperson for coke zero one day.

i’ve spent the last several years working as a children’s librarian in arlington, ma.  recently, i packed up all of my librarian tote bags and moved to my hometown of rochester, ny with the BP and our new itty bitty baby girl, also known as king baby (KB). now i am a grown-up librarian in a public library in newark, ny, about 30 minutes outside of rochester.  but don’t worry– i still mainly read kid’s books!

in 2005 i was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of 25.   as a result, i became pretty serious about exercise.  it’s a big part of my life now– it’s how i cope with the mental and physical demands of an incredibly draining disease.  i struggle with diabetes so, so much.  but i really do think that it’s made me a better, stronger, and (weirdly enough) happier person.

oh and i love the movie mean girls more than life itself.


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